Nice to meet you

We are Albert and Rose. A musician, a crafter, a maker, an artist, recyclers, creatives, generalists. In the summer of 2017 we both quit our jobs and parted with most of our belongings in preparation for a life on the road, neither of us had any idea how long we would be on the road or where exactly this road would take us. We were searching for something different, community, caring and connection. We both wanted to seek out people who were attempting to carve out different narratives within our current paradigm.


For the last 2 years we have been living a nomadic life. During which time we have visited many projects, mainly through the Workaway platform, focussed around permaculture, growing and building. Projects that embrace the regenerative ideas needed to tackle some of the monumental issues of our time. It feels like a great honour to be able to soak up these great energies and hopefully help to spread some ideas ourselves.

Our main mode of transport is two second hand bikes we bought in Budapest. We share a passion for making and try and make as much of what we need/want as we can. We travel to experience new ideas and take in unknown places. We tread as lightly as we can on this earth. We wild camp. We forage. We ferment and bake. We embrace the road and relish in the slowness of life. We travel on a low budget and rely on the support of community, both from our past and new ones we engage with as we go. “All that you have is what you give.” We have a GoFundMe page for anyone who would like to contribute to our ongoing research.


This blog is a place for us to collect all these ideas and creations in one place but also to further our connections. We hope to share recipes and resources, photos and plant uses, art and music, generally let you in to our lives and the lives of the communities we meet along the way. Who knows perhaps we inspire some people too.

Welcome to our story.

We are very open to suggestions too. Places to visit, projects we should check out any form of connection really. Get in touch here.